Friend of ours,

let us introduce you to an all new (but centuries old) ritual, Champi. Better known as an Indian Head Massage this ancient Ayurvedic practice has its roots in India but its sights set on your scalp.

As well as relaxing, the ritual of a scalp massage a day helps to increase oxygen to the scalp, boosting blood circulation and that length.

Now double the goodness with something just as effective. Our Scalp Serum’s Pea Peptides stimulate follicle regeneration and is the perfect serum to maximise your new ritual.


Apply a generous amount of our SCALP SERUM directly across the scalp. Using the pads of your fingers, make small circular motions across the head. Follow up with your usual washday day routine for your most stimulating scalp ritual yet.

We love this hair of yours, of mine, of ours.